Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So viele Segnungen

Thirty minutes ago I was disappointed because my library account online says that I owe a fine for a service that I actually already paid for. I knew that if I could just go to them and produce the receipt they would realize their error, so I went searching through my wallet to find it. Even though my little sister often teases me about my ridiculous receipt-keeping habits, for some reason it was nowhere to be found! I was sad thinking of all the work it would be to go to the library and try to convince them that the charge was obsolete, and get them to reverse it. Then, as I was looking for my planner fifteen minutes later, at the bottom of my backpack was a small crumpled piece of thin paper. It was the receipt! Hallelujah.

If I told my office mate--she who is an avowed Atheist--this story, she would think nothing of it. She would say that it was lucky I misplaced the receipt in my bag rather than throwing it away. The other day she exclaimed "Thank the God I don't believe in!" when something good happened--I think when the heat got turned up in our office. I love her a lot, but I feel sad that she does not have the belief and faith that would help her to recognize that the blessings of our lives are gifts from a loving father in heaven who knows and cares for us.

That's how I celebrated finding my receipt--by thanking Him. It was such a small thing. No one knew I was looking for it, or how much I actually hoped to find it, already believing it gone forever, somehow carelessly thrown away. Heavenly Father could very well have NOT helped me find it, and I would still continue to trust in Him. Yet in His mercy, because He cares about the things I care about, small and not, He gave it back to me.

NZ doesn't have a Thanksgiving, but today I am celebrating it in my heart with gratitude for everything the Lord gives to me, big and small, insignificant and life-changing. I am grateful for so many things:
  • That I was able to climb the stairs today for the first time in a month!
  • That I have had the past month of being incapacitated to appreciate everyday of my life when I'm not!
  • For every time I cross the street safely
  • That my lungs work
  • That I am free from harmful addictions
  • Beautiful music. This song has blessed my life lately.
  • Religious freedom
  • All my freedoms!
  • Wonderful memories to fill my mind
  • Wonderful possibilities ahead of me
  • Wonderful people surrounding me
  • Naturally straight teeth (thanks to my dad)
  • Organs that function, cells that regenerate, wounds that heal
  • Clean water to drink and fresh air to breathe
  • Opportunities to step outside of my comfort zone--to change and become better
I really can't begin to list everything I'm thankful for, but how cool is it that there is a holiday focused on celebrating our blessings?! That in and of itself is a blessing. A great opportunity to pause and look around, hopefully, if you are very lucky, gathered among family and loved ones while you do it. Once again, BLESSED.

So happy Thanksgiving everyone! Don't forget to thank the Lord himself, from whom all blessings flow. He gives us so many great reasons to rejoice! 

Psalms 126:3-- The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.

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