Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sat. 23 Nov: I am grateful for fulfilling dreams! I finally got to see "Wicked" on Saturday in Auckland, a show I have wanted to go to for over seven years. Yay for the ability to do things we want to do!

Sun. 24 Nov: I am grateful for the blessings of travel. Met a precious new missionary from Jerome, Idaho. He will be serving in our ward for the next little while, but as of Sunday he was only 4 days in "the field." Bless.His.Heart. Honestly I cringed a little talking to him though--his accent is SO thick, and while it is nostalgic to hear, it also brings back some unpleasant memories for me, of not really fitting in in small-town Idaho, and really wanting to see what the rest of the world was like. Please don't get me wrong. I love Idaho! And I'm very grateful to have grown up there. I love visiting and think I will probably live near there again eventually. But I am SO, SO thankful to have been able to get out and see a little bit of the world and travel and meet new people and figure out where I fit in better. Talking to him reminded me of how blessed I've been to travel, and I am so grateful!

Mon. 25 Nov: I am grateful for whoever planted the flowers and flowering bushes that line the sidewalk of the home just down from where I live. It is a JOY to walk through there everyday and be greeted by the loving aroma of roses and nature. BLESS those who bring that kind of beauty to busy cities.

Tues. 26 Nov: I am grateful for quiet early mornings. I'm trying to strengthen my foot by walking on it without the boot in the morning before I get ready for school. I take my friend's dog with me and we do a very short (but slow) walk around part of our neighborhood. Nothing beats a beautiful, quiet start of a summer day. It brings peace and happiness to my whole life.

Wed. 27 Nov: I am grateful to be Tongan. Today someone stole my lunch out of the refrigerator in the Staff/Graduate student common room. I put it there yesterday, but it was gone today (why someone would want to steal a strange looking lunch of polenta, tuna, and tomatoes is beyond me). I was with a wonderful Tongan friend, and we ended up sharing her lunch--fat, soft Tongan-style white bread spread with butter and marmite--and hot chocolate. She was laughing at the "Tonganness" of the lunch and said she would be too embarrassed to share with me if she didn't know I was Tongan. lol. This is not the first time dual-ethnicity has worked to my advantage. :)

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