Sunday, November 10, 2013

Doctor's, Church, Sunshine!

Monday 11 Nov: Grateful for good, friendly, sincere and talented doctors and medical professionals who do their best to serve all of their patients. I usually live a medic-free lifestyle, but lately I have become pretty familiar with my local clinic, where I have had to return frequently to have dressings changed on my foot from where it got run over, and see the doctor for further diagnoses. Without exception, everyone I have worked with has been so helpful and kind. I am grateful for their good attitudes and help.

Sunday 10 Nov: I am grateful for the sacrament, and for church. I am grateful for one day a week that is set apart from all others to be able to set aside all the worries and cares of regular life and just focus on Gospel and the Lord. It is rejuvenating and healing to me.

Saturday 9 Nov: I am grateful for sunshine, and the mood-elevating powers a beautiful day has.

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