Monday, October 18, 2010

Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve

One of the greatest reasons I have to rejoice is the fact that I am a student at Brigham Young University. I cannot accurately describe how thankful I am for this blessing in my life--the opportunity to study ALL truth in a setting that is home to such a GREAT academic heritage. Forget Harvard. Forget UC-whatev. This is the Lord's university, and here I can learn about Horace and Shakespeare and Evolution and Homosexuality hand in hand with REAL truth. Standford can't offer that, and neither can Purdue. This is MY university.

Today I was walking down the hall of the Jesse Knight Building heading to discuss Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Imagination. I was 1.38 minutes late for class. As I rounded the corner a piano started playing the first bars to "Praise to the Man." 200 voices began singing in the Statistics auditorium. My heart sang with them.

Outside I see hills alive with red and yellow aspens and hear the resounding of the Carillon bell tower in harmony with the soft sidewalk padding of Airwalk-clad coeds. The temple sits in those hills. The hills themselves are a temple. And this campus too. HERE is where we learn. Then we go out to serve. Serve the Lord. Serve the World. Stand as beacons of light. In April I'm leaving Provo. I have six months left to soak the Spirit of this place in--to stuff every corner of my soul full of the beauty of God and learning and miracles and laughter and yellow aspen leaves and hope and dreams for the future and service and memories of friends who have changed my life--been a witness to the most important time of my life so far. But I know more is coming. So much good is coming. It might be:
New Zealand
or something else,
but it's going to be good. Great. MIRACULOUS. WONDERFUL.


But then again, I can. At least until April.

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