Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Sport

Wanna know something that makes me rejoice?
Yep, that's right. That round-ball-kinda-like-football-but-oh-my-heck-why-aren't-they-wearing-any-pads-full-body-contact-game. Best. Sport. Ever.

Just two years ago I laughed at the ninnies who cried over BYU football losses and rolled my eyes at raw voices and scoreboard-induced depressions.
But no more.
I'm not laughing any longer.
Now I understand.

What is this fire in my veins?
What are these butterflies in my stomach?
What is this lack of ability to focus on my classes, homework, professors, or roommates telling me my secret crush brought me flowers (supposing that, if I had a secret crush, he'd ever stop and bring me flowers)?


Statement of fact: I am addicted to BYU Rugby.

And guys, it's serious.

I've sat in wind, rain, snow, hail, and all kinds of cold to watch boys beat each other up on a muddy field. I've sacrificed precious grocery money for tickets and once took at least a year off the life of my heart when I had a panic attack because twitter wasn't refreshing fast enough for me to keep up with what was happening at a game I couldn't go to. Please don't judge me too hard when I confess that I've alienated friends and roommates for up to 4 hours per weekend during championships while I alternated screaming, crying and yelling while jumping on or punching the couch I was perched on. You feel me? It's bad.

Anyway, then there was today.

Text I recieved from my sister at 4:47--"Rugby game today. 6pm"
My thoughts: Oh no! Don't do this to me! I have class. WHY do I have class? .... Okay girl, it's okay. Just focus. What's most important? That's right. School. Class. Not Rugby. It's not even a game, it's a scrimmage. Seriously. Quit it. You'll survive. Chill.

Honestly, I tried to.

Yeah, didn't work so well.
Heart started pounding, butterflies started in my stomach. My knee started bouncing, "Rugby" doodles appeared on my note paper, and I got a crook in my neck turning around to check the clock. Couldn't concentrate on the confidence interval theory my Prof. was talking about. And I like that class. Really. I just like Rugby more.

Suffice it to say, as soon as the lecture was over at 6:48, I was out the door! Book bag half-zipped, I booked it to the field to catch the last 15 minutes of play. Stood by myself, left before anyone saw me. To me, Rugby is personal. I don't need to share it with anyone, don't need to be escorted to the game or sat next to. It's just me and the game. Oh. Love it.

So, that was my night. And as I walked home I looked up at the beautiful mountains. The moon was hidden behind its highest peak, and for about two minutes the sky was DARK DARK DARK and SO beautiful. I feel privileged to have witnessed that.

Oh oh oh. Life is good.

So, question: what are you addicted to? :)

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