Monday, May 7, 2012

I haven't posted in two and a half months, so I think I'll just talk about everything. Prepare yourself

Dearest blog readers, 

Currently, as I sit here typing this, I am lounging length-wise on a super comfy, red-wine colored love seat sofa in our carport. It was pitch dark (except for the illuminated computer screen) up until about three minutes ago when my grandma {adopted} stirred from where she is sleeping on the mattress on the floor next to me and said (by way of command), “Kesaia, on the light,” after which she promptly dozed off again. Haha, thus is my life of the past six months. My name is Kesaia, and as far as the locals are concerned, my life began when I arrived here on Maui nine months ago. That sort of newness is both freeing and confusing, but I’ve learned to embrace it. I still live with my wonderful and much beloved hanai Tongan family who welcomed me into their home last October. Together we enjoy a silly and super-super awesome integrated life (complete with dinners featuring both boiled fish and lasagna), and it makes me so happy. Lately (as in, for the past six months) I have felt like joy just blooms in my chest—it exists as a glowing, warmth-emanating orb that is constantly stirring and moving, delighting me every single day. I wish I could give each of you a taste of it. When asked, I give the following reasons for my happiness:
-          I feel like, at this point in my life, I have really just learned to enjoy.
-          I know who I am, that Heavenly Father knows and loves me, and has a plan for me.
-          I know where I come from, and I love and respect both my familial forbearers, and my contemporary family members. I have the greatest family on earth.
-          I know some of the most amazing people on earth. Angelic friends, coworkers, managers, bosses, teachers, mentors, neighbors, ward members, etc. all touch my life daily.
I guess, all summed up, my happiness just comes down to the goodness of God. Actually, that really is what it all comes down to. I know He’s there and that He loves us. 

I recently returned from a trip to the mainland to visit family and friends, watch my sister and two beloved freunde graduate from my also-much-beloved alma mater, and celebrate my angelic mother’s birthday. [talk about an amazing life—in her short 47 years my mom has produced 8 kids, 1 welcoming home, multiple successful business, two dozen-ish of the most spoiled chickens on the planet, an uncountable number of friends who love her, about a bazillion hours spent in the service of someone else, and just about that many lives touched. and she’s just getting started!] It was a great trip. A fantastic trip! A much-loved and appreciated and anticipated and enjoyed trip. I spent hours catching up with loved ones, hours enjoying the much-missed beauty of UT/ID mountains/valleys, and hours soaking up the peace and beauty of the house of the Lord. As per usual, I passed more time at home wearing pajamas than any “real” clothes, and I read five-ish really, really good books. [one word: Unbroken. Get it. Read it. Love it] When I returned to Hawaii I was greeted by my dear friend humidity, whom my epidermis missed greatly, and again, by my family here, whom I missed greatly. It is good to be back on my island home once again, surrounded by sun and warmth and Tongan and salt water and love and mayonnaise and my job, which just makes my life complete. [okay, I’m kind of kidding about the mayonnaise. I actually didn’t miss it at all].

At present, the soundtrack of my life consists of the following things:
-          The love-song karaoke fest sung gratis nightly by my friendly Filipino neighbors, also known as future contestants on “Manila Idol
-          The sound of kids yelling “Marco!” “Polo!” reverberating off rock and flagstone in the pool at work
-          The ever-present chatter of birds “talking story” in palm, mango, banyan, coconut, and plumeria trees
-          The chirping of geckos on/in the walls of my house
-          The far-away sound of the ocean when I am at work or standing quietly off the street near my house
-          The droll of multiple languages I don’t understand being spoken around me—Tagolog, Ilocano, Tongan, Samoan, Japanese, Pidgin, and the list goes on

As a schedule, mostly I work every day, go to church Sundays, and try to fit in as much exercising, cooking, talking with my sister/mom/family here, hanging out with the Laurels in my ward, and getting the largest-size shave ice available, as I can. To be honest, and brace yourself for this confession, I spend almost 0% of my time at the beach. This is due mostly to still lacking anyone to go with [this is a thinly veiled invitation for you to come go to the beach with me], as well as a lack of day-light time/desire to hang out with tourists, who comprise the largest population of beach frequenters. Overall my time outside of work is spent “chilling,” and as difficult it was to adjust to post-college, I’m perfectly acclimated now. (smile) I know well that time in our lives is constantly moving and changing. The situations we’re in now won’t be the ones we are dealing with in a year, or sometimes even a few short months or days. For me, grad school is still calling. That is, if I can muster up enough courage and strength to wrench myself from this Valley Isle, which, if you haven’t picked up on yet, is the new place I love and call home. Truth be told, I never want to leave. BUT I DO trust in Heavenly Father’s plan and in His timing. {and I also secretly hope that my Heavenly home will have both a Mt. Timpanogos and a view of Lanai as the sun is setting}. 

As always, life is so good. There is much to be grateful for.

Truly truly truly, we have great reason to rejoice. 

Peace, love, 


  1. Kasia I am so happy for you! Remember when we would sit on that dirty leather couch behind our houses and you would talk about your job and stuff and Hawaii? Remember how you up and actually went? Remember how your life's awesome?

  2. Thinly veiled invitation noted. I'll redouble my job search efforts. ;)


  3. Kasia my dear it sounds like you are doing amazing! I am going to have to say though that I am going to pass on you thinly veiled invitation about the beach... you know I don't do water.
    Love ya girl