Friday, February 17, 2012

my life, in a few lists

five things I love about life on Maui:
1. the ethnic diversity
2. the cuisine choices, due to extensive ethnic diversity
3. beautiful weather, beautiful landscapes, beautiful sunsets

4. my family here

5. my ward and primary kids

five things I'm not so thrilled about, related to life on Maui:
1. the lack of ant-free space. seriously, they are everywhere.
2. being constantly afraid of being attacked by a centipede (I have yet to see one, I'm just scared)
3. distance from blood relatives, other people I love

4. lack of major mountain chain, river, fresh water lake
5. the price of everything compared to the mainland

three things I eat the most often:
chicken, rice, oranges

favorite free-time activities:
Crossfit, Yoga, spending time with my family here, hiking, trying new restaurants, learning new phrases in Tongan, practicing my developing pidgin on my cousins

things I am looking forward to:
hanging out with youth from my ward while chaperoning the teen dance tonight, being spiritually uplifted at the missionary "homecoming" on Sunday, transferring to a new position at work soon, visiting home in April,  going to grad school in the now near-er future (news to come about this), someday (hopefully) enjoying eternal life and exaltation (smile)

seven things I am grateful for:
my Savior Jesus Christ,  my membership in His church, the Book of Mormon, my family (those I am really related to and those I'm not) and good friends, peace/safety/security, vegetables, exercise

That pretty much sums up my existence as of the past two months. Life is good.

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  1. Love this. I was thinking of you today, wondering how you're doing and what the latest is. !!!! it made me smile to read this post. So glad you are so happy. :) Love you girl. You're amazing.