Sunday, December 19, 2010

What does the birth of the Savior mean to YOU?

Hi Friend. I have something for you. I really need you to watch this video.  Then I need you to think about it, and write back to me to answer this one question: What does the birth of the Savior mean to you?

I've been thinking about this all day. This morning I went to Salt Lake to watch the Tabernacle Choir, David Archuleta, and Michael York perform for "Music and the Spoken Word," and also give a mini-concert after. It was beautiful. All the lights and music and the wonderful spirit, however, brought one question to my mind, that same one posed to you above, and the video I watched tonight made me ask myself again, "Kaj, what does the birth of Christ mean to you?" My answer? There are too many to write them all here, but as I've thought today, the following things came to mind:
  • To me, the birth of Christ is a representation of God's love for us. Nephi once said, when asked if he knew/understood the condescension of God, that he didn't, but  he knew that the Lord loves his children (1st Nephi 11:16-17). Because of the birth of the Savior, I know that the condescension of God means the same thing as the love of God. Because God loved us He sent His Son to earth to atone for our sins--John 3:16. Christ is love (Moroni 7:47). 
  • Because the Savior was born, He lived. Because He lived, I know how to live. Because He lived, He had to die. Because He died, we all can live  
  • When the Lord was born, Hope came to the earth. 
  • The birth of the Savior means to me that there are greater things than what I can see and understand. 
  • The birth of the Savior means that we have great reason to rejoice. 
Also, isn't it interesting that the words in English for the Sun and for a son/the Son are homophones?  And not only do they share the same sound, their meanings are also related. They are both glorious, powerful things that bring great light into the world, beyond the mortal understanding, comprehension, or ability to be harnessed by the sons of men. I wonder what the entomology of these words is. Wouldn't it be interesting if we named the Sun after the Son because of the great light it gave to the world? Just a thought.

But now it's your turn to answer my question. What does the birth of the Savior mean to you? Comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

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