Friday, August 19, 2011

the word is out

Remember how in my last post I told you  to not be surprised if you heard of me up and going somewhere strange with no warning?

Well then, don't be surprised: I'm moving to Hawaii.

Life changes fast, and I feel strongly that this is the best decision for me right now. I've had a wonderful summer in Provo, and a wonderful life there for the past five years, but I feel good about moving on. It will be sad and difficult to say goodbye to all the people I love so much, but with facebook and blog stalking, the world is pretty small after all. :)

For your reference, I'll probably be on either Maui or Kauai (still waiting to hear back from some jobs to know for sure) so if you want to make one of those your Christmas vacation destination, I would love to see you. Call me!

Love love,


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  1. Oh my heck you lucky lucky girl! You are so adventurous. We want lots of photos and stories on your blog, ok?