Friday, July 22, 2011

blogging=fail. this=what I've been doing instead

1. Canoeing at the Lake. Oh my love of my life!
2. Wishing I were hiking--seriously, I've only gone once this summer. Lame.
3. Exercising! No homework=running, biking, and going to the gym after work instead of the library. Happiness!
4. Sitting in the Hammock. At this point, I have really refined my hammock sitting skills.
5. Moving twice. In eight weeks. And planning on it again in two. Ugh.
6. Writing to my sister who is in Tonga and my roommate who is in Africa.
7. Planning to see Captain America. This weekend--FINALLY!
8. Expanding my list of "oven-free" foods, aka things that I can eat that don't require I heat up the house with the stove.
9. Sleeping outside because it's too hot to sleep in my room. But I'm not complaining. I'd rather sleep outside.
10. Planning (mostly) extra-national trips I'm realistically probably not going to take. At this point I've already planned trips to: China, Jamaica, Texas, Georgia, Tonga, New Zealand, Germany, Hawaii, Mexico, Japan, Alaska, Jerusalem, and Africa, none of which have come to fruition. That's alright though. I'm going camping next month, and to D.C. to visit friends for Thanksgiving. I'll probably survive this year inside the country (but if you hear of me flying to Costa Rica randomly in the next month, you'll know I just couldn't take it anymore).
11. Surprising my family for the community fourth of July celebration. Water slides and pot-lucks--you can't beat 'em.
12. Inventing new smoothies. Peach, pineapple, mango, strawberry, oatmeal, ice, and soymilk is a favorite atm.
13. Spending time with my roommates, whom you already know I love.
14. Spending time with my brother, whom I also LOOOOOVE. <3
15. Oh yeah, working at my full-time job.
16. Canning chicken at my aunt's house! I love self-reliance!
17. Watching my garden grow. I already ate a zucchini!
18. Begging random friends to let me mow their lawn. I love mowing lawns.
19. Spending a week with my cousins. Best week!
20. Staring at the sky and mountains. SUMMER NIGHTS ARE MY FAVORITE THING EVER. (at least they're neck-and-neck with early summer mornings).
21. Pretending to catch up on my reading list. Yeah..... I've really only read four books this whole summer so far. Also a fail.
22. Reading my friends blogs.
23. Writing my application for grad school. I decided on the PhD program to begin at the end of Feb. next year. So excited!
24. Getting stoked for the Rugby world cup. It's going to be awesome!

Well, that's life since April. Hopefully you'll hear from me again before November. :)

Make good choices!

-peace, love. kc


  1. Oh my heck -- have you had a good summer or what? That is what summers are all about. I am surprised, though, that your list of exotic trips in your future doesn't include Phoenix. Just saying . . .

  2. WOW, finally a post! I have been waiting all summer. Good to know the fam made the top 11, hee hee... Sure love you! Keep on having fun and making memories!