Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh hey!

My life is amazing. I know I haven't been good about keeping it up-to-date on here, but it really is. Cases in point:

 1. Today my brother drove to my work (35+) minutes from where he lives, just to bring me flowers and give me a hug. One dozen red and white roses, just because he loves me. (mine are prettier than this pic, by the way)

2. One of my best friends gets back from her mission tomorrow. She's spent the past 19 months sharing the gospel in the often bitter cold Moscowvian climate of Russia. Right now she's probably in the airport getting ready to board, and I can't wait to see her tired but glowing face at baggage claim.

3. The weather is getting better!

4. Good weather=long runs and bike rides!

5. It's almost General Conference weekend!

6. Two of my favorite people had birthdays this week. Happy Birthday Grandpa and Megan!

 I love you both!

7. I spent every night last week along with 8 hours on Saturday in the dungeon of the Harold B. Lee library. Although Harold isn't my ideal date, he does help me be productive, and of the

4 term papers
3 novels (approx. 950 pages of reading)
1 conference presentation
1 portfolio 
and 1 midterm 

that I had to do before the end of the semester, after a week with him I just have 80% of 2 papers and one book to go before April 13th, plus a few small other assignments.

8. I graduate, with honors, in 21 days, and my whole fam is going to be there.

9. I have a wonderful job.

10. I am surrounded by angels every day. 

I love my life.


  1. My dear, YOU are an angel. What a wonderful list of happy things! I'm so impressed by all you're accomplishing. And how incredible that your whole family will be here for graduation! Woohoo!

    Congratulations, dear Kasia. You deserve the very best.

  2. What a fun life!