Monday, November 23, 2015

Places I've slept

I've been traveling lately and have had several nights with sparse sleep in interesting locations. Tonight I'm spending the night on a bus, and I started thinking about all the different ways and places I've overnighted. The following are those I could remember:
  • I've slept on buses, trains, planes, cars, vans, and trucks. 
  • I've slept on beds, large and small, soft and hard, including water mattresses.
  • I've slept on the porch. 
  • I've slept on the trampoline. 
  • I have never slept in snow. 
  • I've slept in tents
  • under the stars
  • under a mango tree
  • and on a boat. 
  • I've never slept in a cemetery, but I've slept in a house with a dead body. 
  • I've slept on benches
  • and couches
  • and sofas. 
  • I've slept under the kitchen table,
  • in the bathtub,
  • and in the rain. 
  • I've slept on a houseboat, in a cabin, and in trailers. 
  • I've slept in caravans, campers, and sheds.
  • Once, on a particularly wet night in Hana, I slept in a puddle of water. 
  • I don't think I've ever slept in a tepee. 
  • I've slept on grass, in the woods, and on a beach. 
  • I can't remember ever sleeping overnight in a hospital, or in a tree. 
  • I've slept in hostels, hotels, and motels. 
  • I've slept next to a river, and I've slept next to the Temple. 
  • Once, last week, I found myself sleeping at the top of a castle. It was amazing. 
  • I've slept at friend's houses, neighbor's, and family's. 
  • I've shared beds with babies, siblings, families, friends, and pets. 
  • Have I ever slept in a barn.....? I don't think so....
  • But I did sleep on an air mattress for 2.5 months in Berlin. 
  • I've slept in dormitories, 
  • on bunkbeds, 
  • and on wooden slats. 
  • I've slept in the back of my truck, and on the floors of many other vehicles. 
  • I've slept at truck stops,
  • and in a lot of chairs. 
  • I've never slept under a car,
  • on a sidewalk, 
  • in a cardboard box,
  • or on the side of a mountain (that I can remember), 
  • but I have slept on a driveway, 
  • in a parking lot, 
  • and in my house with all of my doors and windows open.
  • I've slept in airports, 
  • and in an office building. 
  • Once, way past exhausted, I wanted to sleep on campus under a tree on the concrete rather than walk to my house. But I didn't. 
  • I've slept outside a bomb shelter, 
  • In basements and attics, 
  • playrooms and treehouses. 
  • I've slept in a gym, a high school, and in a church. 
  • I've slept on lots of floors. 
  • I've slept in 14 countries and on 5 continents (is the Pacific a continent?)
  • According to my calculator, since I was born I have had roughly 9,945 nights. Some of those I didn't sleep at all. But most I did. :)
Just curious, where are some strange places you've slept?

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  1. Jeest. That's an extensive list. The most strange? Probably the night train I took in Egypt. It was strange because the toilet dropped it's belongings right onto the tracks and the train hosts woke us up two hours before we would arrive at our destination- so we really didn't get much sleep at all.