Friday, August 29, 2014

one way I fail at being "feminine"

Wanna know a secret?

I hate Pinterest.

I'm not crafty.
I don't have time/energy/desire/interest to spend pouring over other people ideas to make things cute when I don't have time/energy/desire/interest in making things in my life cuter.

This is probably why I remain uncreative.
And boring.
And plain.

And why my Primary President friend was surprised when I gave her a gift wrapped in brown paper with a purple ribbon. "This is so unlike you!" she said. "It's so cute!"

Creativity is hit and miss with me. And I'm not that interested in seeking it out or cultivating it much more by learning new tricks via things like Pinterest. I know, I'm a homemaking failure. That's okay. That's why they invented ready-made scrapbooks and pre-printed birthday cards. Thank you every other creative/crafty/design/aesthetics-minded person in the world for saving me from having to make glitter princess masks on my own. Hello store aisle where I can just buy it.

And thanks to my sisters and friends who are the opposite of me and love things like Pinterest and DIY decoration projects. Anything "cute" in my life comes from them, almost guaranteed. Sometimes I wish I were more like that, but someone has to be the different one in every relationship, right? If I were good at that stuff, I might not appreciate it as much in others.

So, yeah, that's all. Just highly irritated by the Pinterst website at the moment, on which a friend "pinned" a board that I'm supposed to look at for a party we're planning together. Yuck. That website makes me convulse. But yay for everyone else who likes it; I'm  happy for you. Go and have fun pinning. Just please don't invite me. Mahalo.

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  1. I think your lack of interest in Pinterest must be genetic - I don't think I have only been on there but once in my life and that was in helping a friend with something. I think this is also why we keep Kaley and Jorja around...