Wednesday, August 28, 2013

holy moly I'm in New Zealand

Hola peeps. What's up? Guess what? I'm in New Zealand. Woah, right? It really is a big 'woah!' for me. The past week has flown by. Monday I woke up at 3am and couldn't go back to sleep all day. I packed and repacked, prayed over my luggage--that it wouldn't be too overweight--and prayed even more over my car, to sell it before I left. Miracle of miracles, I did, and literally three hours before I left for the airport, I signed over the title with the money in my pocket I needed to be able to open a bank account and start my life here when I landed. My flight was not fun. I was ultra tired and just wanted/expected to be able to sleep the whole time since it was an overnight flight that didn't leave until 11pm anyway, but No! For whatever reason AirNZ seems to think it's a great idea to serve "dinner" at 1am and "breakfast" at 4. Yuck yuck. They kept turning the lights on and making intrusive announcements on the PA. Needless to say I took a long nap after arriving in Auckland.

It is beautiful here. It's like Seattle--very wet and very green, but minus the tall pine trees. I can't believe where I live! I am living with a great friend of mine and her family and it is in such a perfect location; I couldn't have wanted anything more. I can see the Sky Tower from my bedroom window, and Auckland city skyline around it. It is close to shopping and buses, but in such a nice neighborhood and far enough away from "the city," that I do not feel claustrophobic or hustled. Wow. I am so blessed.

School starts Monday. I am excited. It is grey outside but I have such a feeling of light and warmth inside me. I know this is right for me. I know this is where I'm supposed to be and I believe that great, grand things are in store. It's hard to think of my family being so far away, but I am reminded that if we could see with God's eyes, we would realize that it's not so very far after all.

Sorry for the lack of pictures--It didn't occur to me that when I left my phone in the states I wouldn't have anything to take pictures with here. I will try to remedy that soon, because you're going to want to see what I'm looking at. :)

Love you all.

Rejoicing from NZ,

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  1. Kasia! this is so so so so so exciting! I am living the dream through you! Thank you! Miss you and love you tons! <3