Friday, May 31, 2013

Perks of being jobless, friendless, and living in the middle of nowhere

1. No pressure to get dressed. So what if I've worn the same sweatpants, socks, and "bear feet" slippers all week?

2. No alarm clock. Let me tell you the secret to getting over jet-lag in the slowest way possible: continue functioning as if you're still living four hours behind everyone else.

3. Having time to spend with family

4. Catching up on all the time I never spent watching TV/movies when I lived in Maui and had a life.

5. Having time to practice piano and study languages for grad school

6. Being stuck here, with these people:

7. Being able to have spontaneous dance parties whenever I find a good song (in my sweatpants and bear feet, of course):

8. No reason to feel embarrassed when I bring a blanket to church because it's so.stinkin.cold here.

9. Being there to help little brother through a meltdown. Poor kid. Having to clean up your own messes is hard.

 (word to the wise: don't watch the whole thing. it will just stress you out.)

10. Having time to stop and enjoy this

and this
and this
and this

11. Finally starting to work on all of the house projects I've planned for so long:
  • Deep clean living room. [check]
  • Deep clean kitchen [check]
  • Fix lawnmower [half-check]
  • Keep lawn mowed [ongoing]
  • Trim trees
  • Put in backyard fence
  • Deep clean, repaint, and retile bathroom
  • Clean out and reorganize back storage room 
(my mother should pay me more)

12. Feeling loved because people here are happy to see me, and people at home miss me.

13. Getting pictures like these texted to me from people who miss me:

Life is a great reason to rejoice!


  1. Sounds like life is good! And I loved that song.

  2. Don't know how I missed this post but I just read it and laughed. HAha...bear claw feet slippers! I LOVE YOU!! I miss you. Hope you're enjoying your summer break :)