Monday, December 31, 2012

So long 2012, and thanks for all the fish! (and haka, and laughs, and dances, and experiences, and memories)

2012 was a great year. And a hard year. I think they're all that way.

Some of the triumphs and blessings in my life in 2012 in no necessary order:
  • Was officially accepted to graduate school
  • Changed departments and jobs at work--so much happier!
  • Saw wonderful family and friends during a trip to the mainland in April
  • Made more friends and found new family
  • Attended three temples
  • Went back to Tonga!
  • Hosted my mom and all of my siblings, minus one brother, in Hawaii a few weeks ago (so fun!)
  • Didn't miss a single day of writing in my journal the whole year (well, one more night to go, but I'm planning on not missing one)
  • Began reading the Book of Mormon in Tongan
  • Bought a car
  • Quit one of my jobs
  • Served in the Primary and made it through program (you may not understand this as a great triumph unless you've served in Primary and been responsible for the annual program)
  • Tried a lot of new foods
  • Dated a very nice boy
  • Read some really good books
  • Watched Les Miserables, which was amazing
  • Cliff-jumped into the ocean from 30 feet
  • Felt joy for some dear friends of mine who got married
  • Discovered Crossfit
  • Branched out into more up-toned colors in my wardrobe, much to my little sisters delight
  • Stayed and made a life in HI a whole year longer than initially planned 

  • Tbh (to be honest. I just learned this new acronym from my instagram and facebook addicted sister), there were a lot of challenges and trials this year, some of them extremely difficult, some of them extremely long-lasting, and some of them on-going. BUT, despite the difficulties, which, since this is a blog about REJOICING, I shall not list here, I still have great reason to be happy.  The. End.
Goals for 2013:
  • Finish reading the BoM in Tongan
  • Finish reading Die Buecherdieben
  • Get a scholarship
  • Go to graduate school
  • Help little sister get into college
  • Go camping at least three times with little brother
  • 100% visiting teaching
  • Save at least 40% of my income
  • Complete physical therapy for my back
  • Run a 10K
  • Go on a cruise
  • Add five new states
  • 100% journal writing
  • Learn how to cook fish
  • Smile, even when it's hard
  • PRAY
  • Refrain from negative or critical thoughts or comments
And, added to everything already mentioned, additional things I'm looking forward to this coming year:
  • Seeing my VTee's
  • Getting a pedicure with my manager
  • Little sisters HS graduation
  • Training for a 10K
  • Visiting family and friends on the mainland for a couple of months before grad school
  • Grad school + ensuing challenges
  • *maybe* visiting family/friends in Tonga again for Christmas
  • Seeing my grandpa and his wife on their mission
  • Being pain-free and strong after back heals
  • Finally signing up for a frequent flier plan so I can start earning free flights! :)
Just for the record, I am grateful for my life. For everything in it, good and bad, though sometimes the bad takes me a while to appreciate. I am grateful for the two of you who read this blog on a regular basis (you know who you are), and for those others who stumble upon it. I am not perfect and my life is not perfect, but I love it nonetheless, and I hope that if nothing else, these posts will help you see that, in spite of the challenges of your own life, even in pain, YOU TOO, have great reason to rejoice.


  1. You are awesome. Makes me need to review my year and remember MY reasons to rejoice. btw - what happened with your back? injury? Hope you are on a quick path to feeling better.

  2. oh, and that is a great photo of your family. What a great place to spend some time together!

  3. Ha! I bet there are more than two of us reading this blog! Just saying...
    2012 was amazing in a lot of ways but I am also looking forward to this year, to new things, to new experiences, and to greater happiness. And yes, I am definitely looking forward to your trip to the mainland. Hawaii was AWESOME!

  4. I agree with mom... which two were you referring too because I don't think I was one of them and I frequent your blog...

    Though I appreciate that this blog is about rejoicing it would be nice if you listed some of the hard things in your life because it would make you appear, at least in theory, more human... which would do wonders for my ego : )

    Why isn't my life as exciting as yours?? And your not going to let me tag along for all your adventures this summer hu? :( ah well maybe I'll do fun things without you... like crafts I'm really good at doing crafts without you ... just watch, I'll come up with something awesome - you'll see : )