Sunday, July 1, 2012

Diese Woche

Went to Kona for the Temple trip this week. Beautiful.

I love rickety rides in tiny airplanes over the pacific ocean.

I live in such a beautiful place.

 One of the coolest parts of the trip, aside from the Temple itself, was taking a day trip with a bunch of ward members to Volcano to see Kilauea, one of the active volcanoes on Hawaii.

We also stopped at a beautiful black sand beach on the way back. There was a large sea turtle on the shore, and as we were standing there "ooooh"ing and "aaaaah"ing around it, some waves came in and it began shuffling out to sea once again. So neat to see that. Here's a picture and the video for your viewing pleasure.

Another best part of the trip was all the time I got to spend "supervising" kids at the pool, which is a more responsible way of saying that I was the one who got yelled at by the manager when everyone was jumping off rocks into the shallow end. And then they took my football away because our game of keep-away was too noisy, apparently. I admit, we were a little rowdy, but with twelve boys between the ages of 8 and 15, eight girls ages 7-12, and me, what do you expect? Anyway, it was fun, and actually the first time I ever got "kicked out" of anywhere. After that we were only allowed to sit in the water. Honestly. Who goes to Hawaii to their hotel pool just to sit? But we survived....

 Those are the main culprits, right there. Man I love these kids.

Oh look, don't they look sweet in their church clothes?

That's pretty much it. Good trip, good to be back home. Life starts again tomorrow (we're learning "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" in primary). Bring it on.


  1. Well, you have thrown my world off kilter. You - the standard of all that was good - were kicked out of the pool!
    I'm actually loving your adventures vicariously. You really do live in a beautiful place.

  2. KASIA I LOVE YOU and i love that you got kicked out of the pool (!) and that you live in such a beautiful place and that you got to go to the temple! AWESOME!