Sunday, May 8, 2011

The gift of humor

Of all the talents I wish I had, being funny is close to the top of the list. I don't know why, but I'm just not a funny person. My older sister though, she is funny. So is my brother. Most of my siblings in fact are really funny, FUNNY people. Given almost any subject or medium to work with, they can pretty much always make you laugh. I was just thinking about this this week as I was rereading some old posts from my sisters blog (specifically the posts from May-June 2008). Maybe it's all the misspellings, the witty sarcasm, or her obsessive love of plants. Maybe it's just that I'm related to her and therefore think she's stinkin hilarious. Whatever it is, I was rolling on the floor laughing while reading and simply wished that I were funnier. And my brother too. I don't have any clips that I can show you, but my roommate labeled my brother her "favorite TV show," because he makes us laugh so hard. When he is on one of his rolls, I think I probably burn about 9000 calories per half hour I spend listening to him. Seriously. Laughing is a good workout. While my relatives seem so comedically talented, I, on the other hand, am generally always termed a "serious" person. I really used to feel bad about this, because I felt like my inability to be funny was most likely a reflection of being a boring person. I have realized, however, that being serious doesn't have to mean being boring, it can just mean being sober, or being sincere, right? So, while you may invite my siblings to a party because they'll bring some laughs, you might invite me if you needed someone to talk to. If I can't make you laugh, at least you'll know you're loved, which might be just as good in the end. In any case, I probably should attempt to learn some jokes, but I guess I can stop feeling bad if I mess up the punchline.


  1. Darling, I love how special and important you make me feel everytime I see you. You definitely make me feel loved, and I hope that you know you are lived in return.