Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Get a 'tude

Dear everyone,
On the fourth Thursday of this month we will (hopefully) all gather with family and friends and get the opportunity to express thanks for some of the things we're grateful for. Recent events in my life have caused me to question though, why this list must be held back until Thanksgiving itself occurs. Why not start making our list now? After talking to several friends, I have realized that there is a whole slew of people who feel the same way I do--facebook and blogs all over the internet are filled with Gratitude-countdowns, where the author lists something they are grateful for each day of November. Well, I'm late; November is already almost half-way gone, and there are only a couple weeks left till Thanksgiving. Until then though, I am going to take a shot a posting at least once, each day, about something that I am grateful for in my life. As I do so, I hope you take a second to ask yourself what you're grateful for that day, and then, if you would be so kind, please comment and let me know what it is you're thinking of. Gratitude is the best attitude, and my experience says it can change your life. So are you ready for this experiment or what? I am! Ready, get set, go-->

Today I am grateful for prayers and scriptures. Specifically some scriptures that answered my prayers today. This is what happened: Remember when Peter felt horrible after he denied Christ three times and the Cock crowed? Luke 22:62 tells us he "wept bitterly." Today I was reading that and empathizing with Peter. I know what it feels like to feel bad after making some dumb mistake you knew better than to make in the first place. After reading about how bad Peter felt today though, I asked myself, okay, so what did he do after that? Obviously he didn't dwell on his mistake and feel that he could never "make it up" to Jesus. He didn't just write himself off as a failure disciple and miserable sinner. He didn't go home and dwell on his mistakes or choose only to rhapsodize about the "good old days" with the Savior before he forsook and denied him three times. No! Fast forward to 1st Peter in the New Testament. He became a great prophet and advocate of the Savior Jesus Christ--he used his past mistakes to keep him humble and bore a powerful testimony of repentance and the power of the atonement to change and make weak things strong. So, this is what I'm grateful for today. The example of a prophet who learned to trust in God and change. I know I can do the same.

Now, what were you grateful for?

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